My Most Played / Most Requested List Live Performances Week Continues

Today, two important words, Artistic Freedom.  What does it mean?  Artistic freedom allows talent to create, and that’s exactly what today’s artist does.  Okay, maybe not create in this case, but refine.  A live performance allows musicians to be playful and try new things.  I would have never thought that today’s song could happen.  A hip hop/dance tune performed by a stadium rock band.  It shouldn’t work, but thanks to the raw talent behind it, it most certainly does.  It’s a musical marriage that contrasts today’s mashups.  Instead of forcing two things together, it’s taking the best of what one artist does, and letting another artist put their spin on it.  Let’s take a listen to “We Found Love” by Rihanna as performed by Coldplay.  Give it a try.

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