My Most Played / Most Requested List Live Performances Week Continues

Something else that is great about live songs is that they can breathe new life into songs we’re sick of or never really liked in the first place.  Case in point, today’s song.  The song is good enough to get played on pop radio and rock radio, for better or worse.  Songs this popular are usually as disliked as they are liked.  Such is the case for today’s jam.  The intro sounds amazing, and just like yesterday’s song, the band really gives themselves to the music.  You have probably never thought of this song as a headbanger, but watch the first 30 seconds and try to keep your head still, I dare you!  Go on, watch the song.  I hope it gives life to this hit for you again, or maybe even ups the love you already have for it. It’s “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People.

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